The Backstory

I have a thing for bears. Over the years, I've sponsored bears through various charities and given small monthly sums for years on end but it's time for something bigger because only by working hard at 'something bigger' will anything get changed. out there. It's only when you start looking and seeing that you see this is the way of the world.

I figured that in an average year, I had - at best - handed over around £60 - £100. That's a shameful sum. I almost spent more than that on a single morning booking tickets for my daughter to go to the cinema with her friends.

I sat down with a coffee. What is a good sum then? £100? £1000? Both of those sounded like the kind of amounts I've actually seen in my pocket.

£3,500 on the other hand, would require work and no small amount of commitment. 

£3,500 sounds like the kind of money you can do something with. That's not a handful of nuts or the amount it costs to photocopy 100 sheets of paper. It's realistic money that you can take out into the world and do something that will make a difference.

The big goal at the end of the fundraiser will be to go out with the World Animal Protection to the Libearty Sanctuary in Romania. I plan to make a little movie of the experience too, but that's some way down the line - and you'll get to hear about that for sure when it's on the table.

At the moment, the pot if being funded by the sale of the limited edition shirts you see above - the designs of which are created by friends in the tattoo industry or artists I know... anybody I think will make a great shirt that you would be proud to wear will be asked at some point believe me.

If you don't want a shirt but would like to throw some coins into the fund, there's a page here where you can do just that.

The thing to remember in all of this, is that bears do not look like this:

They look like this: