Nothing to contribute to the world today aside from other people's stuff - and that's fine by me. The week has been long to say the least. Here's some things you might dig as much as I have across the weekend:

Saw this with the small people (who are not so small anymore) and if you work doing anything, you should make time to see it too, for it's full of wisdom:


Reading this (rapidly):

Snare Lilja Sigurdardóttir Sion Smith Blog.jpg

...and bagged this up tonight in the bookstore which is be something of a monster. Brilliant:


Meanwhile, for your ears, this new album 'With Animals' from Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood is hitting the spot:


Right now however, I am going to watch SPECTRE (again) and with the assistance of a trusty boot sock to mute the strings (a trick I learned from taking a guitar to hotels with me) I'm going to put in three hours of practice as though I were blind.

No looking allowed is kind of essential if you're planning on singing at the same time.