There’s some big albums out this week that I should love but I don’t. I’m not even disappointed by this. There’s too much great music out there to be crying over some guys who can’t get it together this time around… Steve Perry (one of my favourite singers of all time) made a comeback with a bunch of songs that are lacking in the extreme. Slash and Myles threw an album out as well but I can’t find any songs on that either. There are other guilty parties out there. Maybe it’s me… but I don’t think so.

Anyway, all is far from lost.

Clare Bowen plays Scarlett in Nashville but that aside, this is a great slab of songs. I come and go with country music (which strictly speaking, this isn’t) and I really got hooked on Nashville. Probably because it’s fascinating watching an entire industry about singer/songwriters battling the world.

Here’s a clip of Clare from the show. Melt from the inside out:

And then get your head around the big one:


Then there’s this EP of songs from First Aid Kit that didn’t make their last album is better than the album itself. Go figure…


Meanwhile, over in movie-land (which I don’t talk about much because it’s quite the wasteland these days) this movie called ‘Border’ in English scores a Huge Ten on the scale of ‘I Really Need To See This’.


Here’s the trailer… always good to see something out of the ordinary worth waiting for:

Then there’s this, which needs me to say nothing at all:


I’m not much of a ‘sequel’ kinda guy, particularly when they deviate from original authors or actors and try to ride the coat tails of a great story with a cheaper, inferior one, but The Girl In The Spider’s Web looks like it might be worth a visit. The remake of the original trilogy sucked gas in the extreme. Kudos for ditching the rest of them and going with something we haven’t seen before:

And finally in the movie world, this (aka Sicilian Ghost Story) looks equally fine:

sicilian-ghost story-sion-smith-blog.jpg

Later edit: Not purposely, all of these things feature women in leading, valuable roles. There’s always a lot of noise in the press about women not getting the breaks they deserve - and while I’m not dismissing the fact that there is a warhead worth of imbalance out there in many fields, if you look beyond what marketing and publicity people want to sell you, here are women doing their thing with no flags being raised in my head at all about there ever being a gender stereotyping issue.

As a man, it’s hard writing about things like this. It always feels wrong for me to do so but I’d like to nail my cards to a mast here. I (like a lot of people) just want to see and hear great work when it comes to entertainment - or anything else in my world for that matter.

Weirder still… over on Netflix, the image used for Luther features some white guy. Who the fuck in their right mind thought that was a smart idea? Why do I get pushed ‘Women In A Strong Leading Role’ as a film-type I might be interested in when such a movie genre doesn’t exist and most of the things in that category are garbage? That’s not good for women at all.

A book is a book is a book. A film is a film is a film. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise just because they want your money.

Imbalance, over-thinking and this kind of shit is everywhere. You just gotta do the best you can to keep your own corner clean, vibrant and positive for everyone. As human beings, we should be looking after the planet, being cool to each other and that’s about all.

The rest is just noise because we’re dying out here if you hadn’t noticed.