Last week bled tumbleweed for new releases but I still did track down some things worth talking about (and remembered a few things I had otherwise forgotten too).

This came out a little while back but I must have got caught up in something because I forgot to give it the thumbs up. I love Lera Lynn. I love John Paul White. The album is called Plays Well With Others and here’s a video of them er… playing well together on the track Lose Myself:

The Magpie Salute (which is Rich Robinson from The Black Crowes) High Water I is superb. A group of guys who can write and play in a tradition that won’t leave you wondering what happened to music, is always to be welcomed with open arms:


Mostly though, I have been hammering away at the entire back catalogue of Jesse Malin. An acquired taste perhaps but if you’re in the mood for underground New York singer/songwriters, this might set fire to your tree:


Meanwhile, over in book-land, I bought this:


I didn’t think I could get more supernatural than I already am but I’ll give it a whirl.

Next week… it will be time for this:


And I’m very much looking forward to it.