Just to prove you should never stop paying attention lest you miss something important, I am wondering exactly how I have managed to miss the existence of The Pineapple Thief. They have a new album out this week - Dissolution - and it's quite beautiful. It looks like this:


They also have a pretty extensive back catalogue of albums going way back but I'm still working my way through them and giving them the time they deserve - but wow... what a great band. They're on tour too. Seriously, where have I been. Slacker.

But if that's not the kind of cookies you're into and you're feeling a little more raw n rawl, The Roxie Box (Ryan Roxie is Alice Cooper's current guitarist... or at least he was last time I looked unless that job now belongs to Nita Strauss... or maybe they are both on board) is stuffed so full of songs, they spill out of the top. I counted them all and got to 75 spread across Part 1 and part 2. It shouldn't work. It should get dull, but no Sir... I am not bored of it in slightest. 


To round up the assault on my soul this week, I followed my nose and discovered Lisa Mills and her latest release, I'm Changing. We can 100% file this under 'blues' and damn... aside from her fire-soaked voice, her playing broke my heart just because I'll never be that good, ever. She's also over here in a couple of weeks so I'm going to head out and see what gives. Nice find Mr Smith. 


If you fancy a road trip to the date at The Slaughtered Lamb, holler.

Not a bad trip to the record shop at all. Sometimes, it's a wasteland out there but not this week. This week has been