8am. Little does she know it but for one of the women waiting in the queue for coffee this morning, life will change dramatically and it will turn on the spin of a coin.

The woman in front of her in the queue - the one who still can't decide whether or not to add a pastry to her order - woke up this morning believing it would be her. The job interview is in one hour and it will turn her whole existence upside down in a good way if she succeeds but she won't. She is dressed for success, has done her homework and she knows her hair is immaculate because she checks it in every reflective surface she can find.

The woman behind her in the queue balances on a walker. She is old now - or at least she feels old. Four months ago, she couldn't walk at all. This is a Neil Armstrong sized step for her. She knows she has been written off in the eyes of those who look at her but right now, her biggest concern is how she is going to carry her coffee and move the walker.

But today, it is the woman in the middle we are focusing on. She checks her phone for the umpteenth time. Nothing. She holds it close to her face to see how many bars of signal she has and checks the battery while she's there. Both are looking good but still the phone doesn't ring.

The woman with the job interview has decided on a pastry after all. She pays and goes to sit by herself. Now at the front of the queue, our subject orders a latte and slips her phone into her bag as she fishes change from her purse. The phone rings! She drops the change into the barrista's hand and grabs for her phone - as her fingers find the slab of glass, she looks quickly at the display and it stops ringing before she can answer it.

The display reads: 


She sighs, drops the phone back into her bag and notices the woman with the walker standing behind her. Things could be worse, she tells herself, but they couldn't really. She just doesn't know it yet.