Siôn Smith (pronounced Sean, as in Connery) is a writer and a recovering songwriter. He dislikes writing in the third person so much, I'm not going to do it anymore. 

I work longhand with a Waterman or a Blackwing because the alternative means staring at a screen. I was once described as 'Byronesque' which may be the nicest thing anybody ever said about me.

On the music front, I play only Gretsch acoustics. Deadbirds is a work in progress. You'll be the first to know when something happens.


Outside of that, I get my kicks from crime novels, old monster movies, saving bears, airports (so long as I’m going somewhere or that would be weird), coffee and trailing around the hills with a dog called Hector for many miles a day. I run a minimalist mindset and own just twelve things (we don't count all of those books and albums) because you should never own so much that you can't leave town in 24 hours with your world in the back of the car. 

I'm also the editor of Skin Deep magazine (100 issues, 10 years, 64 international shows attended and counting…) which is big enough to fend for itself without any help from me here. Occasionally, lovely people at the BBC, SKY and CNN like to call me up for well-earned opinions on such things. 

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Favourite authors: Haruki Murakami, Michael Chabon, Nick Hornby, Joan Didion, Lydia Davis, Knausgaard, Henry Rollins, Richard Ford, Alice Munro, Richard Brautigan and although not strictly an author, I’m going to throw Lester Bangs into this list... his influence on me is wired into my DNA.

Music: I have a public Apple Music account you can flick through here. New things appear all the time.