It wasn’t how I thought my life would turn out, not at the time. I figured I had made some good decisions or at least enough good decisions to put me in a place that was decent enough to jump off from and make my next ‘life move’. That’s not exactly how I was thinking about it at twenty two. No twenty two year old thinks about their life like that but if I think back hard enough, that’s the thought process I can see taking place inside my head

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Butterfly Wings

On an uncharacteristically hot night in 1984 - a year that has long since passed into memory for all concerned - a teenager unwittingly started a fire that could not be extinguished. A butterfly effect if you will. Not everything we do in life results in a butterfly effect but this particular incident did. It doesn't take a lot of work to start a fire. Not really. The tiniest of sparks are usually sufficient if the surrounding environment is dry and responsive enough to the sparks need to clone itself.

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The Thin White Duke and The Tiny Wife

In 'response' to Jonathan Carroll’s story Ziggy Stardust and the Car Thief

A couple of days after landing at Heathrow, Bowie finally got around to unpacking his bag and discovered the book he had dropped in there that had been pressed into his chest as he was walking to the pick-up point. He had never heard of the book before - or had he? Maybe he just forgot about it - but being as people were normally in the habit of asking stupid questions as opposed to giving him nice gifts, he sat down in the big chair in the corner of his hotel room and began to read. 

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Junk Machine

Nate switched off the vacuum cleaner, pushed the table out from in front of the under-stairs cupboard and put it back where he found it. It was the second glass he had smashed in as many hours but it should be added that both incidents were an accident. He was not the type to go around breaking other peoples things.

Not even when those people were dead. 

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Dead Man Talking

I wasn’t looking to buy a watch. I already have a watch - not that I wear it. I bought it about ten years ago when I had some money but I’m damned if I can remember the last time I strapped it on my wrist.

I was walking past a store a while back in which they only sell Dead Man’s Junk. Dead man’s shoes, dead man’s hats, dead man’s suits - you get the picture. I don’t even know why I stopped to look because I’ve gone past it one hundred times before without being lured in. I’m usually not even interested in living man’s stuff never mind anything a dead man might no longer have a use for.

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Clan of the Heart Punch

We landed in Philadelphia with ten minutes spare to make it from one side of the airport to the other if we were going to stand a chance of catching the connecting flight to Denver. With security being the way it is, that was looking about as likely as getting a smile out of one of the flight attendants we’d been trapped with for the last seven hours...

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