I've found something curious out about myself in the last few weeks. My writing style has begun to change recently. Not to a huge degree but enough for me to notice where it's headed. I think it may have something to do with what I've been reading. It would be pretty foolish to make a list here of exactly what I have been reading because I am in no way saying that I'm anything like those people - more that I'm listening to what they had to say and then, to the way they said it - which is much closer to how I am coming around to viewing the world myself. 

I don't think much of that made sense but writing it down has made me feel better - so thanks for working your way through it. Much appreciated.

I'm not quite sure what's going on around here right now. I figure this must be what every writing life is like. Long periods of having to 'do the work' - long periods that have no end in sight either. The closer I think I'm getting to something that looks like the end of a project, the more I realise I'm running like thunder just to stay in the same place. I should probably know better than to ask my writer friends how they are getting along too because when they tell me 'pretty damn good', I just feel like I'm pretending out here. 

Tonight however, I am mostly lamenting the fact that events conspired against me to NOT get out and see a one-off screening of Super Duper Alice Cooper at a venue not 20 minutes away from me. Life sure got in the way of that one - "more then slightly sad" would be an understatement given that the reason for not being able to go was actually - and in all truth - shit.


I don't have a lot else to add today apart from the fact that I noticed earlier today that: a) I broke a promise to myself that I would post here everyday whenever I could and haven't and b) I haven't posted a story for far too long either. Must fix both of those things. I blame Richard Ford because I am currently reading this - and it's excellent:


Anyway - Coffee and Game of Thrones is calling. Then I must get my head down and do some writing. Believe it or not, this work has been planned to take place in the garden tonight (sweater at the ready) because I'm determined not to miss the meteor shower that's passing by over the next couple of days.

And no - watching geek clips on YouTube tomorrow will not be good enough for me.