The Weekend Supplement

Friday! Burn Baby, Burn IV is up and Ready To Rumble... and while you tune in, there's a whole load of other great swag to be found in the world. Let's do it:

I have no idea what this is, but I thought I would post it here anyway. Honest I don't.

I picked this up earlier in the week:

...and it's quite fantastic. Nice cover too. If you like (and know your) noir, Blood Count is up there with the greats and that's not something I'd say lightly every day of the week. Reggie is a new name on me though and there are eight previous books in this series that features Artie Cohen too. That should take me to the end of the year. I'll stick that in the win column.

Ummm. Check the hell out of this from Reignwolf:

In other things to get excited about, sometime in the last week, Jack White released this album of acoustic recordings. 

Meanwhile, Roadies finally turned up on Amazon Video this week. I had abandoned TV for the foreseeable future but I've been looking forward to this for months - so you'll forgive me if I Go Dark for a few hours at a time while I plough through it. 

I also found this. I'm not big on YouTube and how it delivers content, but perhaps if it was all like this, I could be converted quite easily. This is a great book review of Roberto Bolano's 2666 by a damn talented reviewer. That aside, if you fancy yourself a reading challenge that reaps rewards beyond what you should get for the price of a paperback, knock yourself out. If you fancy a slightly slimmer challenge, check out The Savage Detectives instead. 

Then I made an appointment for a new tattoo. Big thing. More on that some other time. Have a beautiful weekend lovely people. Time to write.