We Are Oceanic

Humpback Whales. If you were in that boat, you would spend the rest of your life knowing just how pointless it is to walk the planet fearing what might come next or worrying about the day ahead. 

Beautiful monsters.  


Being away last weekend means I missed out on posting the latest Burn Baby, Burn playlist - volume ten! Who would have thought! If it's becoming part of your week, here the link for those of you playing at Apple Music... and because some of you are missing it on Spotify, I appear to still have some free version of the account, so here is Burn Baby, Burn over there - I see no reason why it shouldn't work. Knock yourself out!

Over at the Big Bear Rescue t-shirt project, there's still a good 20 days or so to go before the limited editions are withdrawn from sale - if you were ever intending to buy a shirt there, now would be a good time. Another eleven shirts in the bank means we all get jolted up a notch to superior printing free of charge - so if you placed an order, now is a great time to shake some of your friends into action as well and get a better product for very little effort. 

This past weekend away also put some fantastic artists in the bank as we go along. I'm working on how to play it best but I am not displeased with the direction it's taken... not at all.

More tomorrow... lots to tell and I'm finally catching up with myself here.