I am, without question, going to blow my own personal deadline for releasing The Family Of Noise clean out of the water by at least 14 days. If you were pacing the floor and beating yourself about the head with a hammer waiting for it... sorry.

I could probably squeeze it out but I wouldn't be 100% behind it and that's not a good place to be when you're climbing the cliff-face with no safety net. I thought long and hard about this and finally came to the decision that it's taken this long... another couple of weeks is not going to change the world.

Reason? Just as I come into this last stretch, I find myself with a huge magazine redesign on my hands. That's what day jobs do: keep a roof over your head, food in your mouth and sometimes steal time as well. All of which is fine by me and like I say, what's two weeks between friends? 

I shall find a new date and then we can pretend I never said anything.  


Talking of hammers, the pile of bodies filed under "Jesus, look at this huge stack of work from friends I haven't written about", is not getting much smaller, so let's tick another box:

A little while back, I did some work with Richie Guy - and we got to be buddies... of a ships that pass in the night kind anyway. We don't see each other a whole lot but as a tattoo artist, he's a class act who is a far better an artist than he thinks he is and only half as good as he's going to be. 

As a thanks - not that any was needed because I never do anything I don't believe in - he sketched me up this picture of Johnny Cash...

It was in a frame - and I got it all the way home in one piece too but earlier this morning when I came to hang it on the wall in my Writing Room, I accidentally put a hammer through the glass, which is how it now comes to be taped to the wall. 

Oddly, the tape does not offend me. It reminds me of being thirteen, but I'll reframe it this evening and hang it properly. 

You can find Richie here on twitter. He does have some other places online, but I like his twitter feed because there's no other noise on there apart from what he does. If you're in the market, you know what to do.

Thanks Rich. 


Now... if I have timed everything right, I have a couple of hours to dedicate to getting the Raw Sharks project back on track and maybe also do something with my bears

Sion Smith