Walkin' The Dinosaur

It's Friday. For those of you who like to drown your life in sound, here's the link to this weeks playlist: Burn Baby, Burn - how did it get to week eight already!

I saw on Mr Gaiman's blog today that he had big plans to visit a hairdresser for a tidy up but due to a rather large storm in those parts (that I thoughtfully sidestepped on my return trip) the only place left open was A Barber Shop. You can read the whole story here. Being a barber is a cool job but let's face facts here... you only walk through that door if you don't want any hair when you come back out. I know this to be true because Once Upon A Time back when I was about ten years old, this very same thing happened to me after I had spent months trying to cultivate a good David Starsky kinda thing:

I have never since stepped through one of those doors again. 

Scarily, looking at this pic here, I see that I have just bought a pair of trainers rather like these. Maybe some things are written in stone.

I've been looking into doing some more book cover design lately - mostly because I like it, it's fun and erm...  therefore I need no other reason. Anyway, the last few things I've worked on that weren't my own (which I should probably post here somewhere because that's whats blogs are for) have mostly been 'literary' affairs, like this:


But I saw this today and thought it was as good as an adventure book could get...

...so I went out and did the unthinkable. I bought a ton of art materials to sketch some ideas out. Me and art materials don't usually mix so well but a plan is a plan is a plan and I'm going work on some alternate covers for H.G. Wells' The Time Machine which has a big anniversary in 2020. Not that it will take me three years (or at least I hope it won't) but it does mean I can play with some big ideas without any pressure.

Not that there's anybody breathing down my neck but you get the picture. 

Three years. Wow. Sounds like a lifetime away. What great things can a man achieve in three years? He could watch a lot of TV that's for sure but I'll try and make sure that's not the only thing I can manage.

Meanwhile, on my travels of working up my next column of Beautiful Creatures, I came across this neat looking movie poster for The Monster. Based on Bertino's previous movies, it might just be something out of the ordinary. It had better be anyway:

Here's the trailer:

That's it for the week. I got some writing to do...

Be cool to each other.