Walk The Line

...and another magazine leaves the desk to go and do that thing it does over the next eight days before it comes back in hundreds of boxes. Worryingly, the cover date on the one that becomes a live beast next week is cover dated November. Time is slipping through our fingers without us even having to look. 

Best get on with something important then...

There's a chance that I have spoken of this once before but what the hell. I love this movie. If you find yourself with a couple of hours spare sometime, maybe you will too. Never before has a movie poster pretty much summed up an entire film.

I found this great little piece from Don DeLillo (who is up there on the mountain for me) on what books actually mean to people and never has a truer word on the subject been spoken. Here: http://lithub.com/don-delillo-on-the-life-of-a-book/.

And that's all I've got today... back to the pen.