Thieves In The Temple

I've been in Warsaw for the last few days. A little part of me says it would be good to blog about my discoveries here but the larger part of me is much pleased that it's another big city under the belt for a chapter of Cities Of The Dead, so umm... too bad.

That makes six cities (I think): Milan, Paris, Brussels, Florence, New York, Copenhagen and Warsaw. That's seven... perhaps it's time to collate the work so far and throw out a pocket book sized volume. I'll look at that tomorrow I see how it shapes up. It's about time I put something new into the world.

Just before I headed out to Warsaw, I started taking the bookshelves apart looking for a travelling companion and found The Rotters Club by Jonathan Coe. It's been on the shelf for a long time and I've never read it. I hate the title (it makes me think of horse racing - go figure) and for some reason it had lodged itself in there as a book that wasn't up my street at all. Which begged the question: why is the damn thing still here?

I read the inside flap again and it sounded OK. The copy I have is a nice edition too - it's part of the Penguin range whereby they got some cool tattoo artists to redesign book covers. I opened it up, read a couple of pages, read a couple more pages... and pretty soon, I had read a whole lot of pages because it's Really Quite Good. Go figure!

So now I'm just pissed at myself for not reading it sooner, but I am looking forward to sitting around in various plastic chairs in Europe and getting stuck in.

And now I must return to DareDevil on Netflix... because surely, surely, that's what you are all doing too. More later... aside from DD, things to do... books to build.

Sion Smith