The Witch

I came across a movie called The Witch that’s headed down the line (March 11th) - it’s got a great rumble behind it, with a lot of people saying nice things (which we’ll take with a pinch of salt) and a solid cast too. Grabbing my attention mostly, aside from the main movie poster that looks like this:

The Witch Movie Poster

...are these two other poster variants backing it up - which I like a whole lot more than the main art but you can see why they’d use it over these:

The Witch Movie Poster Raven Variant
The Witch Movie Poster Goat Variant

I don't often look forward to a lot of movies but this one has me intrigued. Here's the official trailer - decide for yourself, but it looks markedly different to the usual fare. 

Time will tell...

The official movie site is right here.