The Wild Life

Why aren't the Elves doing their job? I've followed all of the rules about staying up and falling asleep with your head on the workbench with an unfinished pair of shoes in front of me but nothing. I guess I'll have to do it myself then. So be it. 

This is one of those entries which is as much for my own sanity as anything. 

Submissions are out in the world, which is a good thing. While I wait, there are other things on the table (these are the things the Elves are being lazy with) and time will judge them as it judges everything.

Sometime next week, a 'thing' that I've been working on with 'someone' for the Big Bear Rescue project should see the light of day. Everybody is really busy and it's been pushed too far onto the back-burner for my liking but this particular octopus arm appears to be coming up for air and I'm looking forward to unleashing it. Thou shalt not be disappointed... well, not if you like bears anyway.

Meanwhile, we've found a new place to take Hector. It's like walking him on a Lord Of The Rings movie set: 

This week, I also found what I consider to be one of the most important sentences ever written (by James Baldwin) about writing: 

The importance of a writer is continuous… His importance, I think, is that he is here to describe things which other people are too busy to describe.

Nobody (aside from you) will know how much I needed to hear that this week. It struck right at the heart of a whole bunch of things I've been wrestling with recently... and oh, how I wrestle. If you're a writer - or any kind of creative - and you have these wrestling days, you are not alone.

(George Bernard Shaw once wrote: “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it" - which is a completely different thing altogether but still important. Trust me on that. I grew up with pigs around the place.)

Running back through my photos here, I see I didn't post my close encounter with a lemur. Not so much an encounter perhaps as an 'adoption' - by her not me. There I was just hanging out at the zoo checking to see how Brutus and Clarence (the two rescued circus lions) were doing - and she came bounding over to me and... well...

That was about the best I could do with one hand - my left hand at that - but I got rescued and we also came up with this... there's a baby lemur somewhere under there too

In my never ending quest to find, umm... not so much 'better' ways of doing things but absolutely more minimal and sexier ways of doing things, I found this watch built by a company called Slow. It has just the one hand, makes you think about time differently and is, frankly, as cool as the breeze. I kinda like this one: 

It's about as far removed from a smart watch as I can imagine - aside from not actually having a watch. I might gift myself one as a present one of these days. I mean, how late can you actually be for anything?

Finally, on the subject of The Wild Life, I had to cancel my proposed trip to NYC this coming weekend - but all is not lost - there's a substitution in the wings somewhere in the mountains of Massachusetts... and that could prove to be a real kick in the pants.


I forgot to mention, I have begun work on this:

Cover art (the drawing is by Thomas Serginson) is pending a review and agreement of terms (and other boring stuff) but you get the drift... 

Insert smiley face emoticon if you wish. I would.