The Serpents Of Bienville... and STICKS THAT HURT

A little update - over at The Serpents Of Bienville, Sean Herman has gone public that I'll be writing a monthly blog series for him, so that means I can too. Sean rather eloquently puts it like this: 

Sion is also our newest contributor to the Serpents of Bienville collective, bringing us an amazing blog series entitled “Beautiful Creatures” starting at the end of this month.  Make sure to check back regularly to check out his amazing stories about the artists that created monsters and creatures throughout history.  We are excited and grateful to Sion for his involvement. 

I'm genuinely excited too. I think first in the series goes live next Tuesday (23rd August) but I won't give anything away. Sean pretty much said all I have to say in his quote but when it goes live, I'll explain a little bit more about it and more importantly, where we go next. Did somebody mention podcasts?

Something to note here... Beautiful Creatures is not what is known here as Project X. That's something different altogether. 'We' hooked up about it yesterday and churned our way through some minor details and well... moved forward with it some more. It's a huge project and isn't something that will be finished soon, but there will be sneak previews along the way and if everything goes according to plan, some golden opportunities for interested parties to get their hands on some items that are quite original and unique.

Meanwhile, I have returned to this and it's fucking wonderful.