The Returned

Hello. I haven’t blogged for a little while and damn I’ve missed it. In that time, I have also come to the conclusion I don’t like any of the social media portals out there. Micro blogging is not for me, so if you want to keep up, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to come back here with me. I would dig up the trenches and tell you why I don’t like any of them, but honestly - I don’t want to waste any more time thinking about it. I’ll keep twitter rolling because it suits my needs to let people know when I’ve posted something here but other than this tiny concession, I’m pretty much dusted with it, so let’s move along the bus and forget anything ever happened anywhere else. A reminder that you can sign up to have posts delivered to your inbox is here and there’s a newsletter as infrequent as you like that you should sign up for here as that’s where you’ll find things of value whenever I publish something.

So that’s that wood in the hole. A quick word or two on what’s going on around here would probably be useful as well as I haven’t written anything of value on that for some time. There are books in the pipeline. I can’t physically write any faster than I am but they’re coming… and that is also the end of that - for now.

Also up front and centre in the house these days is my decision to go back to a paleo diet after having some decent success with it last year - or at least until Christmas came along bringing The Chocolate Monster in its wake. I’ll log the progress of it in posts here because I figure it might be interesting.

The backstory? I’m tired of eating shit, I’m tired of being a little overweight and I’m tired of being tired. I think I’m clocking in at close on 14 stone (which isn’t that bad) but before I tried it out last year, I was very close on 15 stone. When I committed to it, I lost a stone without thinking about it and seem to have kept it off, though Hector and his incessant need to go out helped with that, lending full weight to the theory that if you want to lose weight, get a dog… one that won’t let you get away without taking it out three times a day.

What I want to do now is simply build a lifestyle change - not adopt a ‘diet’ - and the basic paleo concept works for me. The goal is to get myself down to 13 stone, but that sounds too light for me. I am not a skeletal person underneath this skin and hair but 13 stone is a good goal to have in order to make sure I put the work in and I’ll be happy if I fluctuate between that and 13 and a half in the long term. For the record, the last time I weighed in at 12 and half stone was about twenty three years ago - when I was broke, didn’t have a car and ran on adrenalin and coffee. It’s easy to keep the weight off using those rules but who the hell would want to go back to that? 

Anyway, if the term is new to you, a paleo diet is supposed to be based on eating the kinds of things pre-historic man would eat. The books don’t tell you that our ancestors probably also ate leaves, grass and sick relatives when food was scarce though, so really, it means nothing more than eating properly. If you can’t catch it, dig it up or pick it off a tree - don’t stick it in your mouth. I think the problem comes for people when they lie to themselves about what ‘properly’ entails. 

There will not be pictures - not of me in my pants that’s for sure.

Currently Reading:

Jon Ronson’s So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed. Damn it’s good. Frightening but good - the contents of which only microscopically influenced the information in the first paragraph here. If you’re an addict to the social networks out there and the havoc they can rain down on people when they’re least expecting it, it’s fascinating. In all likelihood, it’s probably just as fascinating if you’re not. If you’re a stranger to Ronson, this is as good a place as any to begin and if you like what you see, flip back in time to check out The Men Who Stare At Goats… after that, you’re on your own.