The Reading List: We Are Here

This is not so far away from me at all right now:


Is it good? Damn straight it is. Some of the reviews around the interwebs are not so good but I think folk have simply been largely unprepared for his style and substance. Michael Marshall is something of an acquired taste perhaps. His trilogy that begins with The Straw Men is wonderful. Some of his other books even better and some not so much. The Straw Men is a fine place to begin for the curious but if you're feeling brave and trust me, We Are Here is a real firecracker. I've read a lot of good books lately but none that have pulled me down the rabbit hole with my shoes on. 

Much like Graham Joyce, Michael Marshall has a most unique voice and the curse of not dressing the same as the others is that it takes time for people to adjust - but people should not be so fucking lazy in my opinion because they have had long enough to get their feet wet. 'The People' are missing out on seriously good stories and fictional experiences.

Sheesh - what do I have to do to convince you? Open a bookstore? It would serve coffee and have several large armchairs that you could get both your legs in if I did. Maybe a dog would relax under the counter during the peculiar opening hours. If it was 1996 again, I might be quite tempted by that idea...