Days Of Thunder

Things have got really busy this last couple of weeks. Busy in a good way and I have no complaints but when things get a little hectic, there's only one thing to do.


Sometimes, you need to let the wind blow itself out and wait for all the things it's picked up to fall to the ground. Trying to grab hold of ideas while they're flying around the forest is a fool's game. So instead, being as the end of the summer is heading this way, I figured it would be time well spent fixing up the outside of the house before the storms arrive... because eventually, they always arrive.

So: decking has been industrially washed, decking is part-way through being painted with gritty paint so that it doesn't turn into an ice-rink and the next job is to hit the fence out front with a wire brush before it gets painted with industrial paint that can stand another ten years of punishment. Much like washing the dishes, when you're doing things like this and have switched off from writing - or at least unhooked yourself from The Machine - the insides of your head will also fix themselves.

And in those moments, I wrote something new called Carniversary that you can find right here.

Sion Smith