I seem to have spent most of the last couple of days making my replacement MacBook look exactly the same as its predecessor. Now that it is more or less exactly the same - minus the junk - it doesn't seem so new which is a little disappointing. New toys should be thrilling for at least a few hours. Still, on the plus side, I have a good three or four years before my fingers start to rub the letters off the keyboard. That's what happened to the other one - I got by just fine with it but anytime somebody wanted to use it, not so much. 

Win/win situation in the real world.


Back in the days of Burn and Zero magazine, I came across a singer/songwriter with a voice to die for when he released his first single - Without - and a fine collection of songs in his arsenal. This week, Jack Savoretti - for it was he - has a new album out called Written In Scars and for no other reason than because I said to, you should go buy it (not stream it, but buy it - preferably from here where Jack might take more money than normal for things like strings and food) and then you will have eleven reasons to know why I told you to.

It looks like this:


That's all I got today - I did have more but I've just had a great idea after waiting all day for it to appear.

Mustn't let it get away.