The Minimalism Of Minimalism

I figured I’d best write the next instalment of my series on minimalism - and then I stopped… what am I? A fucking babysitter for people who can’t control their own impulses? A nu-age internet guru dishing out handy tips for people too busy to figure out how to live a life that's worth something?

No. That’s not what I built this place for and I have things to do, so:

Get rid of your shit: If you didn’t own it already, how much would you pay to have it in your life? There’s your answer to most of your problems.

Traveling light: If you want to take all your stuff around the world with you like a soon to be evicted hermit crab, knock yourself out. What the hell do I care. See you by the pool sucker. 

Soul Ache: If you care more about inanimate objects than you do about people, your soul has gone the same way as Elvis - straight out of the stage door in search of a burger with fries. Don’t forget the cheese while you're looking for it.

My Advice: Once you stop worrying what others think about you, you’ll realise how little they do.

I don't think I left anything out.

Taken from  The Unwritten . An even better graphic novel series than Sandman.

Taken from The Unwritten. An even better graphic novel series than Sandman.