A bad thing happened yesterday. We were fixing up Hector's dinner and had Pointless on the TV - pretty normal afternoon routine - when the show flashed up a full screen image of Chairman Mao. 

Hector lost it and for the rest of the evening, gave the TV a wide berth and was acting like something awful was about to happen. I guess when you're not expecting somebody to show up in your house and suddenly, there they are (especially Chairman Mao) it can have a pretty adverse effect on your psyche. 

Tonight, he is still very wary of the TV just in case that Mao fellow turns up again.

Dog's are weird sometimes. 


Book shopping this evening - there's a lot of good stuff around at the moment, which is also weird because last week I couldn't find a damn thing. Anyway, this is today's acquire: 


I think I shall down tools, throw the big red switch and nest in a corner of the lounge with it later. This is something I've been considering a lot lately. It's frighteningly easy to become a person who feels the need to take out a magical miniature machine in order to contribute to a world that shouts and points at everything all at the same time.

Have you ever sat back and considered exactly how much a tool of your tool you have become?

I don't want either of those things, do you?


Now that I've pretty much finished The Family Of Noise, I don't ever want to write a book in that way again. It's been pretty fractal along the way. The important thing is that I learned something, i.e: there must be a better way to write a book than the way I wrote that one. 

Having said that - dancing stars are only created out of chaos, so don't quote me on any of that. I might just change my mind if it doesn't work. 

Just thought I would drop that in the run here being as it was in my head.


What else can I tell you - yesterday I interviewed Darcy Oake. We talked for a long time about many things including Harry Blackstone, the psychology of human beings and how bad your mobile phone reception can be in London - a real-live first world problem, believe me. I'll post the interview here when it's done and link it up and all of those other things but first I must publish it elsewhere (obviously) and I'll link to that as soon as it's alive and kicking too.

I also decided that I want one of these - it's a Citroen DS - because this is just the kind of thing someone like me needs to drive. It's what's known as a measure. When I can afford to buy one of these fully restored, then I shall consider myself, officially 'getting somewhere'. 

It's not a 'fuck you' statement like an Aston Martin or anything. I consider it a perfectly reasonable measure of getting somewhere at around £15,000. 

Which really just leaves me with this:

And this: