The Great Escape

On my way through the online world yesterday afternoon, I came across a site called Signature which appears to be about reading good stuff - not sure why I have never stumbled across it before though but it certainly bears a good ruffling of its pages over the next few days.

On board today, there's a piece about Kerouac's On The Road... delivered like this:


And like this:


If you've never read On The Road, you should but this is a great piece regardless. There's an integral paragraph in there that goes like this too:

The beat writers celebrated their influences, so learning about Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg meant learning about Thomas Wolfe, Jean Genet, William Blake, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Walt Whitman...

I like that. I don't think people celebrate their influences enough today. It's like they are either a) scared of others knowing they're influenced by people that aren't 'cool' or b) want people to think they came up with all their ideas by themselves. 



You can find out more about the artist Nathan Gelgud here

While we're on the subject or art and literature, in the big scheme of book covers, this image below is fucking great - and that's all I have to say about it because I haven't read it.  

I will, but for now, I'm quite happy to flaunt some pulp in yo'face just because I can.