Quote of the Day:

"Luggage is just the bane of anyone's existence. It's impedimenta in every sense. Not having to carry anything is the ideal."

Paul Theroux


Here's something I haven't written about in some time: the quest for minimalism in life. If you're new around here, my plan is to own just twelve things. Right now this does not include books but I'm working on it... nor does it include framed art or stuff that is of actual use like knives and forks or shampoo - you get the idea. Twelve solid items that have a purpose and meaning. Anyway, sometime in the last week or so, little things started to pile up again. I've no idea how this happens but it always seems to be when you leave a window open and the 'stuff faeries' break in and leave shit lying around the place.

What's the point in having a dog if faeries can get past without triggering the alarm?

Talking of minimalism, in my quest to keep things simple, you might have noticed I killed off the music note in the navigation bar up top. I haven't got the inclination to manage multiple blogs on here and there's very little point. File under: good idea at the time that turned out not to be. Thus, if you happen to be looking for what was posted in there, I've reposted them within the timeline of this main blog and that's where they will be in future too. I've given them a category of ROCK IN A HARD PLACE - not sure how that works as a navigational tool but I'll figure it out. for now, I'll hook anything that goes into it in the regular blog posts.  

...and while I'm talking about music, I heard a rumour that Kelly Clarkson was on the Live Lounge sessions recently. After seeing the episode with Taylor Swift (seriously cool), I thought this would be great too - but alas not. I like KC a lot but these three songs she chose to run out? Poor from beginning to end. I expected more - but all was not lost as on my way out of iplayer, I spotted a session by one of my great white hopes for the future - Nothing But Thieves. It's only available for a few more days on there but if you feel like you need a shot in the arm to prove all is not lost, here's the link.

More later... I have a plan I need to take care of right now.

Sion Smith