The Family Of Noise is complete and now for sale in the store! To say I am more than pleased with it would be an understatement in the extreme. It's been a long haul but the kick in the pants when you're standing on top of mountain looking down at all of the ropes, crevices and carribenas you left behind is more than worth it.

I handed out a few copies along the way to pull in some feedback from readers who had nothing to lose by telling me the truth - that was more important than you would believe and I thank you all. Although I was expecting a thumbs up, I was more than prepared for a thumbs down and heading back to the drawing board but that's not what happened. Stuff like this came in:

"The chapter 'Chain of Fools' was my favourite right up until I got to the last three and even now I think it gives them a run for their money. From the first interaction between Dylan and Joanne to the closing line: 'Put these in your pockets. Please don't blow away', I was hooked."

It's a Bank Holiday here on Monday so I'm not sure when copies will be delivered but the order is in and they'll be here when they get here. On which note, if you happen to place an order before they arrive, I'll be making a trip to the Post Office whenever they do, so you can expect your delivery on any day at all rather than a Saturday... which is what normally happens if you're new around here.

In case you missed it along the way - it looks like this:

I'm going to stop talking now. For once I have run out of things to say - that and Hector is barking at a gang of ravens that have gathered on the fence in the garden.

And the world keeps on turning...

Sion Smith