I haven’t blogged for a whole week but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything. Thus, time for a catch up.

Behind the scenes, plans continue for my ‘unplugged’ evening at Waterstones and I’ve also got this little show on the horizon that’s proving to have its fair share of stuff to do in the background as well, but all is well. I’m really looking forward to both.

Here's the last couple of days of dog action:

Hector looks like he might have an ice cream headache coming along nicely there. He's wet because we've been in the sea. Him on purpose and me by accident. Such is life when you have a dog from space.

Here's another in which I have just got out of the shower and we're getting some good vibes in garden before the day starts:

I got followed home on Twitter yesterday by a stranger who ran an  'ebook publicity and promotion company'. Being the curious type, I checked her out and discovered for a fee, I too could be added to a list of writers named on her site I had never heard of. 

The world is full of this kind of business now. The worst part is it's so damn well intentioned but in the big scheme of things is no more use than knocking your drink over purely to get some attention... at Woodstock.

These are the lowest kinds of facilitators. The literary equivalent of the 'You can do it' X Factor mum - only they take your money and you have to make your own dinner when you get home. I'm guessing you won't get a big hug when the proverbial Simon tells the world you're not very good either.

Back in the real world, it looks like somebody is about to unzip the heavens and H is requesting we go on a cat hunt, so let's get this day on the road...   

Sion Smith