The Creative Process: Day Three

1. Start proofing the work itself. Still a few things to finish writing - stick a post-it note on the TV telling me all the shit inside the screen can wait until it later. it will still be there and it will still be shit.

2. Look over the Amazon CreateSpace process again and throw a fist sized rock at it. Not that it's complicated as such but I don't like their inability to decide how long something will take to print and ship out. It's not so much vague as noncommittal. I can live without that and return to LuLu where I know they do what they say they will and also have real live people to talk to if anything should go pear shaped. Feel better about the whole affair with a trustworthy partner in the corner of the room.

3. Order ISBN number for global distribution. Sounds scary when you write it down like that.

4. Decide that if I stay up all night, I can get the cover finished at least to a point that I can see a hard copy proof sooner rather than later. Got cover wrapped up quite fast probably due to the fact that I had been thinking about it for so long and knew what it looked like before I started.

5. Have drunk so much coffee, am wide awake when I should be asleep. Decide to carry on and create internal pages template, front pages and anything else that needs doing. Fell asleep at the 'desk' again but it's finished now. Made pdf's of first draft proof and ordered a single copy. Worth every minute of lost sleep to sign that off and order a proofing copy to see what it will look and feel like. For the record, proofing a copy of something that is a real book and not 300 pages of manuscript is good advice when there's no team behind you. 

Sion Smith