The Bear Necessities

This was taken a few short days ago and I post it here because... I don't remember it being taken at all. For a pretty close-up shot, how could I not know this was happening? Unless the guy was using a paparazi lens from 100 feet away, surely I should have been aware of such a thing - the man is right in front of my face.

Pic Credit: Marc Wainwright

Pic Credit: Marc Wainwright

Today is the last day you can pick up any of the three designs in the Big Bear Rescue store. I think it wraps itself up about 10pm tonight, so if you're in, get it on because I'm archiving these forever and ever after tonight... never ever to be seen again on a shirt. Forever ever.

Thanks for all your support with this if you bought one along the way, it's been very much appreciated... and the other shirt in the store, the white one from Hannah, that will be around for a good few weeks yet.

Do what thou wilt. Swiftly.

I was beginning to despair in the extreme that there was nothing new to listen to this week that would keep my attention beyond a few minutes and just as I was about to hang up my ears on the world, I saw this had sneaked under my radar - and holy mother, is it ever good. It plays like a Real Album from the mid seventies. For maximum enjoyment, it really needs that volume tweaking some. 

...and then this evening, I have part three of the monks laying waste to the planet in Doctor Who followed by a late night showing of Wonder Woman - which finally looks like a DC movie worth going out of the house to see.

Right now though, I'm going to play that guitar until its frets bleed all over my fingers. Practice, practice , practice... that's the way forward.