String Theory

Finally - The Other Piece Of Work is complete. Two major projects down within a few weeks of each other is a good place to be in any world - and this week I've also wrapped up two magazines which (bar some admin kicking about) leaves me with that valuable old resource called Room To Breathe.

Not wanting to stop the roll I appear to be on (even if that roll is only visible to myself) and with The Two Big Things sitting in publishing limbo, I figured this might be a good time to do something visible... and being as these things like to hang out in pairs these days, there will be two of them:

The first will be completed by the end of May and is a short novel called The Man Who Lived Again which will be released digitally as a 'kindle single' - not sure what they call them over at iBooks when there's no suitable marketing psuedo-rhyme available, but it will be available there too. Along the same lines of The Eternity Ring in its length and pacing, the tagline for it is 'What If Everyone You Had Ever Loved Was Waiting For You Somewhere Else', which is as much as I'm going give you right now but a cover is in the pipeline and I'll post it as soon as it's finished.

The second will be completed when I run out of things to say on the subject and is my old unfinished friend (because I threw the first draft away and started again), Raised On Radio, which will be available both digitally and as a softback through Bad Hare. It's kind of a follow up to Black Dye White Noise but probably has more in common with Nick Hornby's 31 Songs. There's a possibility I may also put out a limited edition hardback of it but I'll cross that bridge later. Nice idea though.

It's good to be busy - there's still a lot of notebooks kicking around here and I have no idea what may come next. One thing at a time.

That's all I got today. Maybe that's enough.