It's 2.30am and I've just witnessed a real 'calm before the storm'. I put my pen down after a long writing stint only because there was lightning outside, so I went to investigate.The sky is full and heavy with black clouds that look like they've been created with CGI but there's nothing else. It's not hot or cold. There's not a whisper of a breeze. No animal noises, no cars... not a damn thing. Even the animals in the house are remarkably quiet. I can't quite describe it other than to say, the world outside appears to have stopped - almost as though it's waiting for something important to happen. It's times like this that you can cut through modern science and its matter of fact way of destroying everything magical and understand why Gods were put in place by way of explanation. It's late and I'm tired - but I think I'll pull up a garden chair, smoke a few cigarettes and see how this is going to pan out for a little while. Somewhere out here, are the answers to everything.