Soul Guide

I have to say that in all my years of being drenched in music, I don't think I've ever seen anything as breathtaking as this, which is The Tea Party with Psychopomp.

Don't forget to turn up the volume before you press play and I'm not talking a little bit either. You need to go all the way.

I've seen it a few times now and repeated watching just pounds me even further into the ground. If the clip doesn't show up in your feed or the mailout, the link is here

The day I get tired of hearing this is the day it's all over.

I added a road trip to Lublin in Poland today. I figured it was time I went somewhere I had never heard of to write the next book in my 'hard boiled travel writing' series. I have no idea what I'll find there but I'm hoping it will set a precedent for whatever may come next. It looks like a beautiful place so that's a good enough start for me.