Busy days around here. Lots of production type things going on and to no lesser an extent, a lot of proofing, a lot of rewriting and a lot of beard stroking. The beard stroking is an important part of the process because it means a) I am too busy to shave and b) I'm thinking about things very seriously indeed. I am also very tired. Hazard of doing things for yourself I guess.


I hate being disappointed with music. The new Counting Crows album sounds a lot like a band that ran out of ideas a long time ago and are now content to make music that bares a passing resemblance to something we might be fooled by, but alas... I am not fooled.

The new Train album fares a little better but if you asked me to point at something worth your time on it, I would find it hard. Truth is, it sounds like a bunch of songs that you could find towards the end of any of their previous albums. This one was a big disappointment. Train are a great band but unlike Crows, I'll give Train the benefit of the doubt because everybody is allowed to make a album that tripped over a kerbstone.

In keeping with the theme, the new Maroon 5 album is equally scrappy. Maps is an OK lead track and Animals is actually a great radio track but either I'm having a really hard time retaining information and my ears are broken or these bands that should be full of substance and magic have lost their way.

And I'm telling you now - my ears are fine because the recent self-titled album from Royal Blood is kicking plenty of ass and the new six track EP from Palaye Royale is hugely addictive and they didn't screw anybody over by dropping their previous two house-burners on there either. A couple of bands worth keeping up with over the next few years for sure.

Le Fin.

Sion Smith