Should Have Known Better

Apologies to those of you like to check in natively at my site and blog... I took it back to its original design this weekend (broke it for a little while) and I see that a lot of the images are now running at 100mph in Full Size. I could go back and edit them but that's not a great use of time. I will post as much as possible and try and bury them in the depths of yesterday.

I still have a few bits and pieces to fix up here but it all works. I'm going reintroduce the calendar I used to have here too. I find it useful to know where I should be even if you don't - which is another way of saying, I finally got around to figuring out where I'm going this year, when and what for - although the little things I like to bolt on along the way are still up in the air for the most part. I'm working on raising the bar this year but I gotta tell you, with kids and dogs to take care of, it's tough getting out of the house sometimes.

This last few weeks has also seen me pick up the guitar more often than not and get quite serious about it. I didn't know quite how much I had missed it until we started spending a lot of time together and now I've got a serious hunger on for a new machine... namely this Ibanez:

I'll report back on what this beast is capable of later because there's very little online about it - though with a little research from my friend Mr Simmons, there may well be a couple of others in the running.

Having said that, old habits die really hard and I already have some ideas on where to go, along with a potential name for the project which will either be Deadbirds or Phantom Lullaby. I just can't help myself you know...