Yesterday evening, it was time to put books back on the shelf. The house looks like spies had broken in and rifled through likely looking volumes for something hidden inside. (I tried to make one of those books once - you know the kind - where you open it up and it reveals a big hole where a gun or valuables are kept, but it's harder than it looks and what I actually ended up making was a book nobody could read again. Fortunately, it wasn't one of mine.)

It took longer than it should because as I picked each one up, I remembered why I had gotten it down from the shelf. One of these is a big old thing - The Gonzo Papers Anthology, by our old friend Dr H.S. Thompson. I'm not the biggest fan in the world of this book. The majority of his work is designed to be read as it was published (weekly, monthly) and not as a 1000+ page book - it's far too dense like this but plenty of people will disagree with me for the sake of being cool, but it's a good reference item to have around all the same... and the reason it was out in the world is a sinister one. For one fleeting moment, I considered writing about the politics... just to push myself somewhere I've never been before. 

HST always had a grand approach when it came to taking apart the US Government. All you need is a few easy targets, a biting tongue and a lot of patience. Alas, the last two I possess but the targets are worthless. I don't know much about politics at all but I was willing to get dirty for a few months if I felt I could pull it off and add value to the state of affairs. Not 'belonging' to any particular political stance (there's good and bad in most albeit in different measures), it should have been easy to stand back and put some targets in my sights but I found something quite disturbing when I looked under the rock.

Nobody stands for anything and they all stand for everything. 

It's simply grey and not exciting at all.

And that was pretty much the end of that idea. I would be better served spending my time writing about taking the dog out and a small part of me is disappointed by that.