Road Trip. A Prequel.

I hit the gym earlier this evening. It's not a big thing - I go a few times a week just to keep the wolves from the door and if nothing else, it's no bad idea to try to quieten the brain by flooding it with whatever those good things that get released when you exercise are called. 

But today, the gym was really busy with a whole crowd of people I've never seen before, leaving me with nothing but a running machine to make friends with. I've never been on a running machine in my life. I don't run. Not for anything. But there it was, idle. I figured I would give it a whirl and one whole My Chemical Romance album later, I found I had run 7km without breaking a sweat.

Except this is a lie. There was a lot of sweat. A Lot. But I wasn't on my knees when I was done. In fact, I felt pretty good about it but how the hell did I run 7km without thinking about it? I guess walking Hector for at least two hours a day is the answer. He just turned three. That's a lot of walking over something close on 1,000 days. Driving home, I wondered if - with a little more training than just one fluke of an evening - I had what it takes to run some kind of 10km event.

It was a two cigarette problem that's for sure. 

I figured I had best start getting my face together to hit the road at the weekend. My Big Plan is to write like a demon though I guess I might need a change of pace somewhere along the way, so I bought 20,000 Days On Earth - which looks like this:

Why I have recently become attracted to the work of Nick Cave like a moth to a sheet of fly paper, I have no idea, but I'm very much enjoying the ride.

Today has been a busy one. I'm about to sign another mag off first thing in the morning even though I'm pretty sure I only signed the last one off a week or so back. Once that's gone to The Place It Must Go, I think I will take a day off and not so much as look at a screen for as long as possible. 

And all of the above was supposed to be a post for yesterday... and then the wheels came off the bus when I decided to update my operating system to Sierra and all kinds of sins rose from beneath the earth right in front of my eyes. One erased hard drive (something like twelve hours later) and a clean install, I was back up. Which is a good reason why you should stream your entertainment and keep all your work in the cloud somewhere. To be fair, it's the first crash I've had with a Mac in about fifteen years. Always one to look on the bright side, it's running faster than ever now and lends itself to the idea that you should wipe your hard drive once a year anyway.

It was even quite liberating for a while but also a royal pain the ass. Onwards.

Finally... because it's kinda becoming a thing around here - which was always the intention - Burn Baby, Burn 6 is right here for you. Crash or no crash, trip or no trip... music makes the world go round. Hope you dig it. 

Now... I should pack.

Sion Smith