A note to those who like to read my work: I'm putting my plans to publish The Family Of Noise (it was due out April 14) on hold for four really good reasons.

Last week, I sent a few copies out to a variety of friendly editors, writers and proofers I'm friends with for them to cruise through the pages looking for holes in the road (i.e.: typos) and something I didn't expect happened.

The first one came back with: "I hope you're not thinking of putting this out yourself. This deserves some proper representation and a good shove into the world." To cut many long stories short, so did the second, third and fourth responses - variants thereof anyway.

I slept on it and decided all four of them can't be wrong and if they are, it was still worth my best shot. After all, the goal around here was never to staunchly publish my own material forever - it was to get my work out into the world in the best way possible at the time and this persistent flag waving from trusted people has convinced me it's the right thing to do.

And that's pretty much where the story must end for now. I will say nothing more while I work behind the scenes but I'll keep you clued in if and when I can.

Sion Smith