Pretty Things

Isn't this just the best quote ever:

"I knew that Jaws couldn’t possibly be successful. It was a first novel, and nobody reads first novels. It was a first novel about a fish, so who cares?”

Peter Benchley

This is neat:

Regardless of what people may say about him out there, Stephen King is an icon for a reason. 

So... Sunday morning came around and we decided it was time to paint the lounge. A few hours later, the first coat was done and because we had taken all the pictures down and pretty much moved everything into another room to work with a blank canvas, we were left with a choice Put all the things we had just taken down back where they had come from or take the opportunity to replace them with something new... or at least different - and while I was looking for different, I found these: 

And then I found these:

All of which are just killer.... aside from the fact that a) they are all sold out and b) I need a set of five things to fill the holes in this way. The Agatha Christie ones would have been perfect but alas... the search continues. I mention it here because the Black Dragon Press store has many, many similar wonders if you like this sort of thing.

If it were up to me, I would unfurl the tube I have sitting in a corner with things like this inside...

...but you know how the compromise thing goes.

And now I need to actually do some work. No. I really do...