Other People's Stuff

I've been enjoying Ragnar Jónasson's Dark Iceland series a lot over the last few years. They seem to land just at the right time for me to plough through on a road trip - so, either he is early with White Out or I am late getting on a plane. I suspect the latter is true so I might keep this lying around rather than spoil a good travelling companion... 


Over in the ear department, the new release from Nothing But Thieves - Broken Machine - is quite something. While all the fuss in the media might be about the new Foo Fighters album (which is a little disappointing if you ask me) this might pass you by... don't let it happen. You'll be missing out on some real class.


Meanwhile, in the curio department, a triple album of T.Rex remixes turned up. Great cover design and a brilliant idea... sadly, only averagely executed. Somebody should have been in charge of the track listing perhaps. Available for streaming if you're a fan - which is your best option. I'd be disappointed in the extreme if I paid for it - nice cover or not...