I took Hector out in the car this afternoon and after wandering around for a while, we found ourselves wandering up a pier and into the sea and there was something incredibly appealing about being out there. We stood for a while and looked out across the water for a few minutes - it was like being in a photograph... so I took a picture and it was only after I had taken the picture that the idea came into my head fully formed:

What if I bought a boat? What a great place to write. It's not like these boats in the picture were very far out at sea. How long could it take to get out there into a little bit of seclusion, drop an anchor and escape for a little while? 

I'll admit here and now, I know nothing at all about boats. Not a thing but again, how hard can it be? Millions of people the whole world over do it... I've just never thought about it before. This lusting for the water is likely to be fuelled by the fact that the sun was out, I had cleared all my work for the day and felt like I was in control but still... it's an interesting idea right?

Hell, I don't even know how much a boat would cost. Maybe I'll look into it a little more and see if the idea still holds when it gets colder around here.

Hector agrees.