You Know My Name

True Detective might be the best thing on TV right now but it got a good battering here yesterday by Fleming - the biopic of James Bond creator, Ian Fleming (natch). Aside from it being quite excellent TV whether you're a Bond fan or not (and granted that it took no small amount of liberty with the truth), when you're reminded of Fleming's upbringing and the circles he ran in, it's hardly surprising that he pulled that beautiful white rabbit out of the hat. A finer example of writing about what you pretend you know never existed... no matter how much the truth was tweaked. 

I don't mind admitting it, I would really love to be James Bond. Sometimes I think about cutting all my hair off and hooking up with Hugo Boss but I have an inkling that I would just look like a Bond villain no matter how hard I tried.

Today's find on NoiseTrade from No Sinner would be my theme song. It's called Love Is A Madness... lap it up.

Hmm. Would I rather be James Bond or Doctor Who? That's a tough question. Given that my driving is definitely a better skill than my running, I will have to go with Bond - who also regenerates if needs be. Handy skill.

Note to self. Learn how to do that. 



A little aside here - I don't normally talk much about the day job but it's always exciting when you find somebody that you really want to tattoo you. Believe me, when you look at hundreds of (sometimes close on a thousand) pieces of work on an average day, those moments don't come quite as often as you would think. However, as soon as I saw these pieces from Hannah Willison, my heart went boom:


I think we need to have a conversation this week...


Currently reading this - and it's highly addictive: