Nonstop To Nowhere

It's been a good day at the coal face. I had to get up early because it was small persons birthday. At 15, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep calling her that but I guess she'll always be a small person to me. Off she went to school as normal and I found myself with two hours I don't normally see before I had to be anywhere or do anything. 

So I got to work. A book I thought might be dying at the back of my head was brought back to life because I decided to see what 'planning' did for it - whether it worked or not remains to be seen but working on a road map has certainly given it some direction that it didn't have before. I'm going to have to look harder and closer at this 'planning' thing - my brain treats the idea like somebody in the band just suggested we get a keyboard player in. 


Then again, maybe the plan will turn out to be Jon Lord for the project. Filing under pending.

...and then I edited two more chapters of The Family of Noise. This book will see the light of day in April. Fact.

And if you happen to be looking for a great album to keep you company doing whatever it is you do, Us And The Night is the best album 3 Doors Down have released in years. A most welcome addition to the collection:

...more later. 

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