A Chair Fit For A King (Of Some Description)

I had the dumbest idea this weekend. I thought it might be a good idea to write a book about life with Hector - you get the idea, kind of like Marley and Me, except of course Hector will never die and I will not be some blindsided and forlorn reporter but instead a tired writer who has seen far too much of life already to be that surprised by anything else it may care to throw.

It seems like a good idea but I'm not wholly convinced. Maybe I'll try an 'episode' out over at Hector's blog and see what the world makes of it.


It must have been some kind of weird moon phase or something this last few days because not only have all the animals been behaving weirdly but I also had another idea that seemed like a great idea at the time. I can't remember where I saw these originally - Eleanor probably shoved them under my nose at some point - but I announced with much conviction that this was a work of genius and that I was going to build one even bigger...



So big would it be in fact, that it would have to stay wherever I had built it.


And so it came to pass that tomorrow, I am going hunting for wood. Not just any wood, but Giant Wood in order that I may build a chair fit for a... a... you know what, if I ever finish building such a thing, I know exactly who the chair will belong to: 

Hector: 1 • Marley: 0

I might need a few goes at this. I am not the world's finest at building anything but hey - how hard can it be? Wood + Nails = Chair.

Sion SmithGiant Chair