A Flying Dog

To begin: a flying dog. I have a flying dog and he rocks...

Got up stupidly early this morning and wiped out a stack of day-job work that was hanging around which left me with a free morning (kinda)... so I wrote a short story. It had been bubbling under for a while and this morning it fell out of my hand almost fully formed. Typed up, I'll let it swim in its own juice for a while and see how it looks at the end of the week. Then (and only then) will I look for a home for it but mostly, it's good to have wrapped something up again. 

Then, I got a bee in my head about a song that had been unfinished for far too long, so I wrapped up the lyrics for that too and tonight I am Home Alone which is a good opportunity to piece it all together. It's called Cry Baby Ridge - and I did not rhyme 'ridge' with 'fridge'. That Alicia Keys song is pretty good until it gets to that part. Somebody should have pointed that out in the studio but it's out there now and you can't take it back. 

I guess pretty soon I'll have to record something and post it for public consumption.

There's a news story on BBC today about Patty Jenkins (the director of Wonder Woman) being a woman and breaking box office records for being a woman and doing so. While this is great - and I really loved the movie for all the right reasons - surely such stories aren't helpful in levelling the playing field of gender when it comes to... well, anything. There is never specifically 'man' news about box office records, so why point out this one? 

The world has gone nuts. A director is a director is a director and you either did a good job or you didn't. She did a great job. Wiped the floor with the other DC super-hero movies too but equality means you did what you did and then you move on to doing something else, doing what you do some more.

Gender roles should only be pointed out when it either involves childbirth or being able to piss standing up. Normally I would say it must be a slow news day, but in today's climate, that would be an outright lie.

A Bear Rescue update: I can take a few knocks. The black Bear Rescue tee-shirts that were meant to top up the bear fund fell hard on their face and died a death from not meeting the minimum print number requirement... set-up costs and all that. The white variant by Hannah Willison is still up and doing great though. Funny because when they were white, people wanted black but the black didn't sell and the white one is rolling just fine. 

Go figure.

It's been an easier ride to point people at the Just Giving page and equally as profitable. 

Finally, in the hand for reading this week, is this new collection of shorts - Men Without Women - from Murakami. I would say how good it was, but I don't need to. It's the law.