Mr Bad Example

Decided to take the day off today and not do anything at all. Nothing - aside from dropping a blog post here anyway. What better way to spend your day off than watching a whole season of Californication. I think this one is my favourite - we're talking season three here - it's the one were there's a comatose stripper in his room and one by one, all of his dumped lovers (from the previous episode) turn up until finally, there' an apartment full of half naked conflict that doesn't come to a halt until Rick Springfield accidentally sets fire to the bedroom. Are you sold yet?

Anyway, after being rumbled by his daughter, there comes the closing scene in which Hank is trying to explain to her why he's an idiot - and he comes up with this:

"I started out with the best of intentions. I guess I just wanted them all to see it - the thing that makes them special. That's all anybody wants: to be seen, to be recognised."

And right there, in those few sentences, is the entire weight of the world explained in a nutshell. I truly believe that. The whole shooting match of life figured out in a sex comedy. Now you know what I know, you too can be at peace knowing that most people just want validation in the world.


If that's not reason enough to be happy with the world today, how about watching the new Machete Kills trailer - and because I'm feeling good, you can watch it right here without going anywhere else. Knock yourselves out:

And while I'm flaunting stuff in your face that's worth a damn, a few days ago, I came across this Sherlock Holmes tattoo. Absolutely, without doubt, the best of its kind I have ever seen. The man is question is JJ Osman - good work Sir...


So what else is a man to do on his day off? Well, he could clean up a folder on his desktop of some pictures he had collected along his digital journey. I may have posted this before but it can stand repeat viewings. If this book doesn't exist yet, give it time, give it time:


That's all for now folks. You gotta love the down time for what it is.

Maybe I should watch Ferris Bueller...