Monsters And Bears

To catch up on yesterday, I mentioned I wrote a review of A Monster Calls - you can find that right here. Leaving lots of comments and sharing it wherever you can will make my buddy Mike happy, so do that.

Big Bear Rescue:

I'm going to take the rest of January off from the bear rescue mission to move the store somewhere else. From the two t-shirts that have been on sale so far, we did OK. They were great shirts and the idea is still super-solid but what needs to happen next is 1: Getting a better return on each item - something I discovered wasn't the case as soon as the range was expanded beyond a white shirt and 2: Getting the shirt mailed out a lot faster. Using the current store, if you buy a shirt at the beginning of the campaign, you have to wait until the end to get your shirts. When I began, that seemed fair... but as I move along, it probably isn't doing us any favours.

You live and you learn. I think I know where I'm going to take it next and if I can get a decent business head on with it all, I can fix 1 and 2 above and have it knock on to 3: Even more eco-friendly shirts into the bargain. 

The next two shirt designs are ready to go already by a great artist and it needs to be out there as soon as humanly possible... file under pending but hopefully, not very pending at all. To dot the i's and cross the t's, I'm moving the bear blog from the 'Bears' tab above into this main drag.

Here's one of two bears trapped in a shitty cage in Russia as 'restaurant entertainment' where he was fed beer and cake by not so helpful visitors...

This story however, doesn't end with tears which makes a change. 130,000 people (that's a lot) got on board and the bears (the 'Sochi Bears' as they became known) were relocated to the Libearty Sanctuary in Romania.

20 years is a long old time to spend in a cage though. The bears got real old in there but you do what you can and in a couple of short months, the Big Bear Rescue fund has already helped chip away at similar cases. 

If you're moved to help me out, the bear shirts will be back soon enough but meanwhile, here's a link to the online collection where you can throw in some spare change if you have the mind.

Huge thanks to everybody whose come along for the ride with me so far. We've done good things.

I'm not really sure how to follow that, so ummm... more later.