7.30am: Flying to Milan today. I've decided to try the one thing I've always wanted to do but never had the commitment to before and that's travel with no luggage at all. 

I made this decision after packing a bag and then taking everything back out again. How much stuff do I really need for three days? Less than an hour in, I can tell you already, it's incredibly liberating. 

A quick tour of my jacket pockets will reveal a passport, cash, phone plus associated phone leads, notebook, two pens and a packet of cigarettes. I'm guessing they will have a store somewhere in Milan that will sell me shampoo and toothpaste. 

It's freezing out here this morning, so I am also multi-layered. As soon as I check in to my hotel, I shall de-layer and rotate clothes and yes... I will also find new socks and pants on the toothpaste run. I mention this because it appears to be the biggest concern amongst people I've told. 

What else could a man need across three days? I don't think I've ever emptied a bag of its contents whenever I've been away so hopefully, nothing. 

Once I've checked into my room, I'll take a snap of the contents of said pocket and you can see for yourself that it is indeed both possible and comfortable.

I say this now but I've only been out of the house for an hour.


Every single person within viewing distance has an Apple device of some description. Only the stereotypical I.T. guy sitting next to me has a non-Apple product. He also has his laptop out and is at war with the world before the day has even begun. 

If Windows was a car, it wouldn't even have got out of development hell. Fact.

Sion Smith