I spent some of this afternoon diving back into the podcast that I'd begun to work on for something I have planned called The Dope Show. I suspect it's a lot like shooting on film or paying for studio time in that before everything went digital, you would plan what you were going to do and give it your best shot until, over a really long period of time, you got to know what you were doing. 

Knocking ten bells out of GarageBand while I make repeated efforts to get it right is pretty handy for getting better but it seems to kill the spontaneity a little. Once I've figured out how to work the desk properly, I'll be heading back to an analogue state of mind. It's fun though and if I'm concerned about anything it's not the content I'm dropping in of my own creation but rather the music I've chosen to go along with it... which rather begs the question, why bother?

File under pending. Hitting the mixing desk again tomorrow.


Meanwhile, filed under "Jesus, look at this huge stack of work from friends I haven't written about", is umm, a huge stack of work I should have written about, so starting now, let's rebalance the scales a little:

My lovely friend Abril Andrade Griffith out in Ohio has been busy laying down the paint recently. Here's a sample of her beautiful work, posted here for rather obvious reasons – steal the image and hounds will bay outside your window for the rest of your time on earth, but please feel free to enjoy it with all your heart aside from that.

Abril Andrade Doctor Who Regeneration

Two important things to remember if you have instantly fallen in love: 

The first is that she has a store at her own site and also an extensive store at FineArtAmerica where you can buy her work - it's one thing to admire it on your screen but another thing entirely to be hanging it in your house. Trust me on that. Secondly, she also has a page at Patreon where you can throw in a few pounds/dollars every month to help her keep being that artist - it ain't easy being a full-time creator in the real world. This is the first time I've come across Patreon as a concept, so she can count me in. I like this idea a lot - it bears further investigation for sure.

Anyway, get out there and rummage in her work, you won't be disappointed and being as I know she stops by here regularly, this is a good place to say 'Hi Abril!' A good place to say, yes I owe you a very long email and also a good place to say thanks for getting flustered over the pic I posted of myself yesterday. 

That last bit didn't really happen at all but it's been a long day and we could both use a few laughs.