List Club

List Club is something I would really like to see succeed.

There's a home for everything on the web but to really introduce itself to the twenty first century and to become everything we ever hoped for, it still has some work to do.

Somebody - and more than likely this somebody will have a crappy day job with a manager who is not too fussy about how said person spends their time during the day because he too has a crappy day job but has simply been there longer and is therefore now a manager by default - needs to spend some time cataloging all of the empty halls and clubhouses around the country in order for people with nothing better to do in the evening to form worthwhile social clubs.

The first club I would like to introduce you to is List Club. List Club is not really very much like Fight Club other than it has a rule.

The first rule of List Club is: Make A List.

It doesn't matter what you put on it (nobody will ever see it - that's the second rule of List Club) so long as you're making your list. Ideally between this weeks meeting of List Club and the next, you should not do any of the things you put on it. The fact that you didn't do any of the things on your list will make you feel pretty bad about yourself, so by the time of week two, your list will get a little bit longer as you add things to it that you won't do over the course of the next seven days either.

This will continue for many weeks (because you like getting out of the house even though you're not getting anything done on your list) until finally, the penny will drop and you will write the following on your list:

176: Quit List Club

Having quit List Club, you will thus feel vindicated that you actually achieved something.

First of all though, Somebody has to get the cataloguing of the halls and clubhouses underway - and how is that ever going to happen if it's not on a list?

Life sure can be complicated sometimes.


Footnote: If you've not been paying attention the last couple of days, there are a couple of new stories online - head up to the top and click on Dirty Realism. It's all good stuff. Promise...